convergence episode 3 – Art of Storytelling

True of False? Humans communicate more effectively through stories.

Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Jennifer Aaker and her Power of Social Technology students help with the answer! Look for cameos from Kiva co-founder Jessica Jackley, MCHammer, Robert Scoble, Pixar’s Oren Jacobs, and indie filmmaker Justine Jacobs.


convergence ep 2 – What is Design Thinking?

convergence ep 1 – What is Social Good?

Social Media + Innovation Convergence Podcast at Stanford GSB

We’re thrilled to kickoff TwentyTen with exciting news – we start production today on a new Volunteer Nation video podcast series, Volunteer Nation: Social Media + Innovation Convergence, produced in partnership with the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Our focus is on General Atlantic Professor of Marketing Jennifer Aaker’s Power of Social Technology (PoST) course and her MBA students as they explore how to leverage the incredible power of new social technology to effectively create social good.

The podcast series is comprised of five, four‐minute episodes, each featuring interviews with select PoST project teams and guest speakers. Throughout the winter academic quarter, we’ll be exploring all facets of social good, social media, and social innovation successes and challenges. The podcast series will be distributed starting in late January on, YouTube, and iTunes and excerpts will be available on the Center’s Social Innovations Conversations audio podcast channel (

Volunteer Nation fiscally sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society

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We’re thrilled to announce that Volunteer Nation has been selected for the San Francisco Film Society’s fiscal sponsorship program. This enables foundations, grantmakers, and individuals to provide tax deductible donations to the project. From the SFFS site:

The program is run by former staff members of Film Arts Foundation, which enjoyed an excellent reputation over three decades as one of the finest fiscal sponsoring organizations in the country. Numerous funding sources put considerable trust in the program and many Film Arts fiscal sponsorship projects went on to considerable acclaim, including winning Academy Awards. The Film Society is now the keeper of that fine legacy and brings an organization-wide dedication to the stewardship of all its Fiscal Sponsorship projects.

To make a donation to Volunteer Nation via SFFS, simply click here.

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SF360 Feature on Volunteer Nation

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Volunteer of the Week, Ryan K., San Francisco

Volunteer of the Week, Ryan Kolynych

Volunteer of the Week, Ryan Kolynych

Ryan is one with water – whether swimming through it or surfing on it. He swam competitively in high school, including a heat against a new kid on the scene named Michael Phelps. Ryan went on to All-American Honorable Mention swimming honors at Emory University in Atlanta. Despite the high level of athletic competition and challenging academic curriculum, Ryan took the time to share his passion for swimming with others:

I coached a Special Olympics team as a service project. We helped train the kids, get them ready for meets … just had a good time …. It was cool to see the smile on their faces when they’re just swimming around.

After graduation, Ryan headed west to the Pacific and the amazing surfing around San Francisco. We met Ryan at one of his favorite surf spots – Ocean Beach. He’d noticed an online post about a beach clean-up sponsored by the local Surfrider Foundation chapter.

Representing 50,000 members and over 70 local chapters in the US alone, the Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people. The beach clean-up Ryan participated in was one of 600 clean-ups that Surfrider chapters across the country have held recently.

I’ve surfed this beach a couple of times. I definitely noticed it was kind’ve dirty … It’s pretty ridiculous how many cigarette butts you pick up on the beach … You’d think there wouldn’t be that many, but there are a ton.

Anticipating heavy summer beach traffic, the San Francisco Surfrider Chapter is hosting another beach clean-up at two different spots on Ryan’s Ocean Beach this Sunday July 5. If you’re not in the area or out of town for the holiday, find a local Surfrider chapter to get involved.

As a reminder, to find other volunteer opportunities or to register your own volunteer project, visit the new government site, If you haven’t yet, see Ryan in action cleaning Ocean Beach along with several other incredible volunteers in our Season One trailer.